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Download All Shatta Wale 2020 songs released so far.

Here we serve you with all the songs released by Shatta Wale in this year and yet to count.

1.Shatta Wale – Akwele Take (Prod. By GigzBeatz)

2.Shatta Wale – Top Speed (all out)[prod. By Beatz Vampire]

3.Shatta Wale – Stay Kool (prod. By BeatzVampire)

4.Shatta Wale – The Ban[Pantang] (prod. By Beatz Vampire)

5.HereShatta Wale – Hear Your Cry (prod. By Beatz Vampire)

6.Shatta Wale – Save Her Heart (prod. By PaQ)

7.Shatta Wale – Horny (prod. By PaQ)

8.Shatta Wale – ChaCha ft. Millitants (prod. by Gigbeatz)

9.Shatta Wale – Too Ugly (prod. By Gold Up Music)

10.Shatta Wale – Zion (Prod. By Chensee)


12.Shatta Wale – Cough Cough (prod. By PaQ)

13.Shatta Wale & Gold Up – Mannequin (Prod. by Gold Up Music)

14.Download mp3:Shatta Wale – Stars And Space

15.Download mp3:Shatta Wale – Scumbag (Prod. by Ridwan)

16.Download mp3:Shatta Wale – Destiny (High Supremacy Riddim) (Prod. by Damage Musiq)

17.Shatta Wale – Dweet Dirty

18.Download mp3:Shatta Wale – April Fool

19.Shatta Wale – Different Star (Prod. By Mixmaster Garzy)

20.Shatta Wale – So Long

21.Shatta Wale – Realest Thing (Prod. By Damage Musiq)

22.Shatta Wale – Miss Money ft. Medikal

23.Shatta Wale – Where I Come From (Prod. by Beatz Vampire)

24.Shatta Wale – Asaase Radio 99.5 FM

25.Shatta Wale – Your Life

26.Download mp3:Shatta Wale – Greatest (Prod. By Paq)

27.Download mp3:Shatta Wale – Kimberly Ft Captan (Prod. By Gold Up Music)

28.Download mp3:Shatta Wale – Infinity (Michy Birthday)

29.Download mp3:Shatta Wale – Sleepless Night (Prod. by Beatz Vampire)

30.Download mp3:Shatta Wale – Lyrical Tattoo (Prod. by Beatz Vampire)

31.Download mp3:Shatta Wale – Alien (Prod. by Beatz Vampire)

32.Download mp3:Shatta Wale – Ama Rita (Prod. by Beatz Vampire)

33.Download mp3:Shatta Wale – Fapimso (Prod. by GigzBeatz)

35.Download mp3:Shatta Wale – Sweet Palava (Prod. by BeatzVampire)

Download and enjoy this songs from the African Dancehall King,Shatta Wale.

He is the only musician in Ghana who have who is leading on  board by dropping 35 songs so far and still yet to count.

You will get updates when he drop latest songs.

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