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Video:Ghanaian Prophet Names The People Who Used ‘Juju’ To Kill Bishop Bernard Nyarko


The death of Bishop Bernard Nyarko has come as very shocking as many least expected such a very vibrant and prayerful man of God will kick the bucket so early.

Speaking to Ghanaian blogger Zion Felix in an interview, Apostle Rabbi hinted that Bishop Bernard Nyarko did not die a natural death.

Apostle Rabbi revealed that Bishop Nyarko’s death was caused by a Kumawood stakeholder who used black

magic powers on him.

He further disclosed that the spiritual attack on the late actor resulted in him having 3 different surgical operations and with the intervention of prayers, Bishop Nyarko got healed.

According to the servant of God, some movie industry people are envious of Bishop Nyarko’s exploits hence they plotted to take him down.

Amid various controversies surrounding his death.


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