Video: Black woman gives “free show” during black lives matter protest in America

There have been some sort of unrest in the streets of America in recent weeks following the murder of George Floyd.

The Protests started after a video of a white cop kneeing on the neck of George Floyd which eventually led to his de@th, emerged.

Protesters took to the streets to demand justice for all the lost souls, for it is believed this is not the first time and if they don’t protest for equality and justice, it wouldn’t be the last time either.Well, there is a fun part attached to the occasion, in a new trending video sighted by Ghnewsbag, a young black lady took the protests to another level when she was spotted giving a ‘free show’ to the police who have blocked the road.

Though in some cases the protesters are met with brutality but it appears the police themselves were enjoying this ‘free show’ as no one bothered to stop the lady for displaying her raw bum bum in the street.

Watch below:


Source: ghanaflaver

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