SHS Students Caught In A Serious “Atopa” On Campus In This Era (Video) -

SHS Students Caught In A Serious “Atopa” On Campus In This Era (Video)

Is like Ghanaian youth, both in school and even the matured ones want to keep the social media busy again with their twerking and “atopa” things again. Recently there have been more stories streaming online and these videos always go viral because of its content.

If you want the most trend videos in Ghana, then it twerking video and “atopa” typed ones. came across a very viral video which has been trending. Well, this video is to show how talented some SHS student is good when it comes to “Atopa” dance.

In this video, you could see two Senior High School students dancing in a very bad way or manner. We dont know the program they were doing actually in their school but you can see it clearly in the video that something was really going on in the school. And I tell you this, every SHS student likes this kind of program so they can misbehave.

In the video sighted by, you could hear it clear that “Omo Ada” music from Medikal, a very popular Ghanaian artist. These Senior High School students were dancing like they are not in the public. The school hasn’t been identified though the ut you could see they were in a girl was in a blue straight dress which is supposed o be the school’s uniform or outing and the boy was in the same blue top and a blue-black down.

It was only them who were in the “atopa” mood but they were few of them also in the same mood but those two student’s won was amazing.

We can’t really tell if this video was captured in the coronavirus era or before the coronavirus era. But we saw spotted this video and we think you might like it so we decide to share it with our cherished viewer.

Watch the video:

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