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VIRAL VIDEO: Accra Night Sekzztape In A Car With An Ashawo


Wehave once again gotten hold of an Accra night viral video of a guy and a lady.

The video took place in a private car belonging to the guy.
As we got hold of the video, we’ve been wondering what prevented these dudes from going into an enclosed room but ended up in a car.

The video saw so many smiles in the face of the lady in question.
This act is normal in the Accra city though. And it seems they opt for the opt because they don’t want to spend on hotels or motels.

So all they need to watch out for is to make sure the car is parked at where no one is passing so to enjoy their privacy.
Based on the policies we are guided with, the video can’t be displayed here, hence, we’ve provided a download link of the video below.



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