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Cardi B eats her bread with Cockroaches

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Cardi B eats her bread with Cockroaches

In a good night message to fans via Instagram yesterday, American rapper Cardi B shared a photo of a slice of bread topped with jam and Cockroaches as what she’s about to eat before sleeping.

The photo has sparked a lot of reactions on her IG page with a lot of people asking if she’s really gonna eat the Cockroaches with the bread with which Cardi replied affirmatively.


A fan asked where she got the ‘croaches’ from and she replied that she got them from her hallway.

Cockroaches are Edible, HIGH IN PROTEIN, and HEALTHY TO EAT

Yes, it is scientifically proven now Cockroaches are Edible and healthy to eat and they are high in protein levels. But yes it should be cooked properly to kill its bacteria present on its body.

We probably consider eating insects as disgusting especially in western society and in Africa we don’t even consider them.

But in many cultures, especially Asians including cockroaches and other insects they include in their diet.

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In Thailand, they consider Cockroaches a yummy dish especially when it is deep-fried in the oil to get that crunchy texture and taste.

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