My Teacher Rap£d Me When I Went To His House To Cook For Him -

My Teacher Rap£d Me When I Went To His House To Cook For Him

I went to my teachers house and he rap£d me, my teacher stays near my house so sometimes I go to his house and wash his clothes and also cook for him. my mother knew about it but she encouraged me to do that because she thought I was helping him because he was single.

I have be going to my teachers house for several times to wash his clothes and cook for him,sometimes he gives me money. not knowing he wanted to rap£ me .one day he invited me to his house to cook for him so I went there to cook for him I told my mother about it and she allowed me to go, when I went there he told me to come inside and see when school will resume for SHS 3 students.

I went inside as soon as I entered the room he closed the door I asked him why he told me he likes me and I should allow him to do one pɛ I said no to him but he didn’t listen and started Rapp!ng me. he told me he will help me pass my final exam if I don’t tell anyone and he also gave me money.

I couldn’t handle it so I told my parents. they informed the police and my teacher was fined.


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