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Dear Men, Never Make These 4 Mistakes No Matter How Much You Like A Lady

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Most men are too forward when they are dealing with a new relationship. Men should be careful with new relationships, they should know their limits. There are certain things a man should never do for a lady no matter how much he likes her except if the lady is his wife. If you are a man, then reading this article should be important to you. No matter how much you like a lady, never do these 4 mistakes.

1.Never you tell any lady your deepest secrets, except the lady is your wife. Not all relationship leads to marriage. men should know that there are things they should never disclose to their girlfriend.

Do not make the mistake of always being with a lady rather than going for work. This is means that you are playing with your destiny. There is time for everything, when it is time for work, please go and work. Don’t use because of her and get fired from your work place. The moment you are fired and broke, she will dump you.

Do not grant A lady’s request all the time. Most men buy cars, houses and lands for a lady that he is not married to. When the lady dumps him, he commits suicide. To be on a safer side, wait until you marry her and then you can go ahead and spoil her with your riches.

Most men do not allow their woman to do their house chores. They would either employ a house help or do it themselves. A. Wife material should know that it is her responsibility to make sure that his man’s house is clean.

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