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Guys, girls loves to be touched in these 5 important places

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As a guy, there are some spots your girl wants to feel your touches but she won’t tell you. It is your duty to know these sports and take advantage of them. Many men do not understand the working principle of a woman’s body and how it operates and that is why they don’t know where to cares in their body.

In this article we shall be talking about some sensitive parts of the female body where needs to be touched and caressed that most girls won’t tell you.

1. Her hand.

Most girls sees holding their hands to be a romantic move towards them. As a man try to make hand contacts more often with the girl you you are crushing on.

2. Her neck. One of the most sensitive part of a girls body is the neck. When a guy touches a girl’s neck, there is this sensational feelings they get. Most times when a girl misses you, it is observed that she touches her neck while thinking about you. You can touch a girls neck whether intentionally or intentionally but you should be aware that each time you touch her neck, she receives a sensational message.

3. The waist

Women only allows the man she has feelings for to touch her waist. Women do not easily give people access to their waist because the waist is a sensitive part of their body.

4 Her Laps.

Just like the neck, and waist, the laps is another sensitive part of woman body that sends a sensational feeling when it is been touched by a man. Sometimes resting his hand on her laps is a way men uses to touch a lady’s laps.

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