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Screenshots: Former Schoolmate Of Gyakie Exposes Her Fake Lifestyle.

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Screenshots: Former Schoolmate Of Gyakie Exposes Her Fake Lifestyle.

My School Father Was Chopping You For Free But You Dey Claim Virgin. It seems like people are really tired of celebrities spewing lies and living fake lifestyles after their rise to fame especially when it’s someone who knows them from way back.

From lying about their age to their marital status or perhaps their sexual history. they will decorate lies and throw them right into the eyes of the general public and move on like it is having no toll over others. one such cases is Gyakie.

The buzzing Ghanaian songstress may have stepped on some toes with a recent interview as she disclosed that she’s a virgin and yet to have a sexual affair with anyone. Well, we don’t care whether or not she’s had sex before or not as it won’t deduct our monthly salary but someone somewhere is tired of her lying.

An acclaimed schoolmate of Gyakie came out to remind her of her past after disclosing publicly that she was s virgin. the said individual who goes by the “Kofi Billo” with Twitter handle @khophi_bilo took to Twitter to remind her of how his school father was the one bonking her left-right whenever he felt like.

According to him, he sees no reason why Gyakie should be lying about this because everyone at AMASS where Gyakie had her senior high school education knew about their affair. Lying about it only push people to have third thoughts about her or perhaps she’s being pressured to join the majority train of celebrities lying about almost everything.

check the screenshot below and see for yourself what Kofi Billo said.

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