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Majority of the people of Seikwa don’t support their own artists – Felisco

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Seikwa is a Town located in Tain district in the Bono Region. As of 2010, Seikwa had a population of 9,166, consisting of 4,149 males and 5,017 females.

About 11 years now I guess the population can raised to about 15,000 now, with this huge population we have prominent people and also business men and women that can support Seikwa Artists and Promote them to the top so that they can sell the name Seikwa.

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We have a lot of talented musicians,actors/Actress,footballers and many more that need a support to become great people in feature.

Many people put it in mind the moment you help someone he or she will forgot not to help back also at the end he or she will gain nothing from the person.

If you want to help someone there’s not need to think of “will the person help you back or not” because if you didn’t get anything from the person one or more of your family members can achieve more from the person through many ways.

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I quit remember I asked a native from Seikwa why are you not listening Seikwa musicians songs? The person told me that we are with them here so there is no need to listen to their songs.

The moment he told me that I  him we have so many strangers here that if you take your people out they will know them also learn the culture we have here.

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The moment someone drop a song if even 500 people share the link for the Artist it can reach him them some where rather than ignoring it.

It is time to support your own rather than to hate and one day we will get good results from it.

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