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Pappy Kojo Drops a s”3″x Video Of His White Girlfriend Giving Hit B*J Online (Watch Now)

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Days, After Asakaa boy, and Condemn hitmaker who is also a rapper, Jay Bahd trended everywhere on social media space follows a video of a b*j by an unknown girl. Today, Fante Rap vandame – Pappy Kojo has decided to walk the same path for shaggy reasons.

The controversial rapper took to her Tik-Tok platform and shared a video of himself receiving a B*J from his White girlfriend.

Pappy Kojo in the said video was seen acting all happy and enjoying every bit of what his white girlfriend was doing.

It is unclear if the lady was actually doing what Pappy Kojo wants the world to believe was happening. However, at a first look, one can only come to one conclusion.

Mind you, in the case of Jay Bahd, he later came out to state that it was just a shoot for a video. So, it is very possible that Pappy Kojo will later tell the world that the lady was just messing around.

He captioned the video, Y3gye broni tire

Watch the video below and decide for yourself too

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