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Black Sherif – First Sermon Freestyle (Lyrics)

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Black Sherif – First Sermon



Tell em wan wan
Ayy aaa ai
Oh aaa ai ai
Ayyy ai ai
Roll it tight and I’m dazing
Wode me ka come and pay me
‘Cause life on these streets be so crazy
They get me high on a daily
Ɛnnwon a meyɛ yi efor dey pay me
Ano know why they delay me
Kobby Fame afi wait I’m not
Buh monfa me sika ɛmma me
Abi waiting
Been a couple years in Accra
Obia nnim how adey take survive
Mesɔre anɔpa then it’s trap
Men ano fi describe my life
Ano go lie this no be new to me
Obra be sending this news to me
Ano dey like how it looks for real
Enti menda ha make e fool to me
‘Cause obiara nim sɛ me trappe nyɛ nɛ
Kɔ na kɔ bisa Panin sɛ
Me history ne sɛn
Ayy obiara nim sɛ trappe nyɛ nɛ
Kɔ na kɔ bisa Panin sɛ
Me guy name yɛ sɛn
Coming like a ragist dawg
Fasten up your base
Sɛ ɔmo se bra menkɔ
Ten toes…

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