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Black Sherif – Second Sermon Lyrics

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Black Sherif – Second Sermon Lyrics

Black Sherif – Second Sermon Lyrics

Ghanaian young talented singer Black Sherif drop the Lyrics of his Trending song Second Sermon freestyle, kindly stream below and check out Second Sermon Lyrics.



I was raised in Houston 3rd ward amongst the drama
Pops was off the hook, but had a bible toting mama
Sunday school BTU was a must plus I’m inertia
Wondering why my dad don’t come to church plus he hurts her
All repetition till I’m 12 years old
Preacher kickin’ old time religion, hit me dead in the soul
And now I’m up at the altar
Choir blowin’ that way in the water
Lord help me
Reminiscing on innocence this pillows soaking
That’s when my mom left my pops, brought me to Oakland
Negativity hitting me from every angle
Could’ve sworn the devil sent his every angel
In this strange old land, I see I’m fallin’
Moms keep stressing me, stop ignoring my calling
But something in me keeps runnin’ like I need to go
They say you reap what you sow
Black people what


The ending has come
The moonlight is gone
Look up high, you’ll see his arms
Say not for you
But still it’s true
Will you be waiting when he comes

Romans 10 to 9
Says believe it with your mind, and
Confess it with your mouth, and
You will be divine, and
I’m still kickin’ on the altar
Cause it sure hurt me when the preacher turn to me faulty y’all
Made me feel more comfortable about my backslidin’
G’s don’t get to heaven so stop hidin’
Everybody that was raised on prayer is now a player
You can call me a square
If I don’t care
Then your soul’s on my backside
And who gonna show them kids how to act right
Last days, these days be the last ones
Fast ways erased cause we passion
For the man there’s no way we gonna get high
Not by smokin’ on that bomb, but up in the sky
It’s not hard but he gave us a chance y’all
God bless every man in the sound of my voice
It’s the second sermon

Chorus x2

As we approach another day
Guide are steps when we want another way
As our brothers and sisters go astray
Let’s intercede, on our knees and pray
And as the congregation stands
Black people let us all join hands
Choose the right of 2 lands
So we can all see the man
It’s the second sermon


Black Sherif

Second Sermon

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