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The fake Award scheme in Ghana uncovered Adi Ruler

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The fake Award scheme in Ghana uncovered Adi Ruler

My conscience is in dilemma. I had had nightmares drama throughout the night due to dreadful issues pertaining to Creative Art Industry in Ghana, especially the music industry. As the Akan proverbial says: “When the waters overfilled the frog, the frog vomits all the waters. This is the time the world must know my intentions underneath my brain.
Music Awards in Ghana is now assassin killing the nation’s Creative Art Industry. In the past, credibility and integrity were the Hallmark of organisations who planned and hosted Events to award talented personalities that deserve it, in the field of music.
However in our era, things has taken a wrong turn. The government has over the years turned deaf ears to issues destroying our Creative Art Industry (Music Industry) in Ghana, therefore making it a mirage on the desert sand. These lapses created by poor system of our beloved country regards to Music Industry. Some corporate, non-governmental organisations, selfish and greedy individuals are using that as a bait to organise illegitimate awards deliberately like tsetse flies sucking and infecting talented people who are in the creative industry as music is concern with trypanosomiasis.

Addi Ruler

Such individuals devised regional Awards with dubious means to take money from the emerging artists. Confidence tricksters in disguised, created various electronic systems which are strictly imposed on the participants to campaign to their fans, friends, family and sympathisers to vote for them to become winners using cash. The question that comes to mind is, are such illegitimate and fraudulent institutions doing any good to the emerging musicians? Ghana Creative Art Industry is dumb on this deadly killer for ages. The dumb must speak with outspoken eloquence! I am stirring the minds of GHAMRO, the office of Copyright of Ghana, the Government, and stakeholders in the Creative Art Industry to intervene.
To mention but few Award schemes: Ashanti Music Award, Eastern Music Award, Volta Music Award, Greater Accra Music Award, etc; are all part of subject matter. These are crucial times to rise as a nation to help rebuild, strategise, innovate and empower the youth who has immersed themselves in the Creative Art Industry, thus the Music Industry.

Ghana Music Industry over the period has been phenomenal and contributed a significant quota to the development of the nation. It has played a vital role in our education and culture. The sunny days of E.T Mensah, Dr. Ephraim Amu, Ebo Taylor testified to that.

As a songwriter, singer and publicist I am not a stranger in Jerusalem, so I am creating awareness to the general public, the government, fellow emerging artists and entertainment pundits to dig deep into the matter and bring practical solutions into the Music Industry. Even the mainstream artists in Ghana are also suffering for the sake of poor system and structure.
The underground or emerging musicians and other acts in the Creative Art Industry must be vigilant and flee from these award schemes. The wooden and plastic plagues will not add any positive value to your craft. Invest much in the digital stores to promote your craft online to enable you to generate income and royalties. There are numerous distribution digital companies such as Tunecore, Amuse, etc.
The organisers must walk on the right channels and put proper structures to award, pay them their royalties and promote the works of the musicians both the emerging artists and the mainstream artists to raise their music career to the apex.

Written by Adi Ruler
Edited by Osman Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln X) Editor-in-chief.


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