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Video: coconut seller skillfully peels coconut on his head & it’s amazing

It is amazing how some coconut sellers peel coconut on the roadside to wow their customers. They make selling coconut attractive and it entices people to buy.
A video that circulated on social media, spotted by thefiifi.com, captures one coconut seller peeling coconut on his head for a customer, and it’s amazing, which wowed the people around him.

He could be seen standing beside his truck and peeling off the coconut with a sharp cutlass.
Skillfully, he was rolling the coconut on his head while peeling off. It appears to be one of the abilities coconut sellers use to sell. and it attracts people. With the kind of skills he used, it will move you watch him peel it and will make you buy.

The guy who was videoing him could be heard shouting while the coconut seller was scraping the coconut. And he also runs commentary as well.

This certainly is funny and will also make you burst into laughter.

Watch the full video below:



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