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Ghana beats Nigeria in England’s Jollof epic cooking contest, Zibah wins

Written by Felisco


Ghana beats Nigeria in England’s Jollof epic cooking contest, Zibah ​​wins.

Zibah, a Ghanaian gospel musician and successful caterer of DZ Bespoke Catering, a subsidiary of United Kingdom (UK) based GADIAM Foods, has achieved great success through joint ventures. Popular among British people, he received the title of “Top Chef”. . Culinary Culinary Milestones is a competition hosted by “Karibu”, which offers a delicious version of Ghana’s favorite dish, Jollof Rice.

Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Zibah ​​won unanimously; Ghana came first, Gambia second, Sierra Leone third and Nigeria last.

This great victory shows Zibah’s cooking skills and her ability to prepare dishes that have a special place in the hearts and taste buds of many.
Zibah’s journey at ‘Karibu’ is a testament to her dedication and passion for cooking as she prepares Jollof Rice dishes that are not only a tribute to Ghana’s culinary heritage but also add her own twist.

His Jollof Rice creation stands out with its perfect balance of flavours, sophisticated presentation and fascinating spice blend, impressing both the jury and the audience.

Zibah ​​as Jollof Rice’s “Top Chef” rice.

Campaign is a shining example of how a bowl can be a symbol of pride and art, uniting people through the universal language of food

Zibah’s win in “Karibu” alongside Jollof Rice is a great achievement that makes her a culinary and musical icon.

His ability to introduce the most popular Ghanaian cuisine to the world is a testament to his talent, creativity and role as a cultural ambassador, proudly representing Ghana on the world stage.
Zibah ​​was very happy when she was interviewed by Angelle Joseph on BBC radio after winning the title of ‘Top Chef’.

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