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Written by Felisco

Gifty Amponsah Kodom Jones popularly known as Lyoni Jones is a force in the music industry in Ghana and Africa as whole, priding our cultural heritage in her music and performance. She was born on the 1st October, 1979 to Mr, Yaw Kodom Jones and Mrs, Augustina Antiwaa in Nkoranza, Bono East region of Ghana.

Her father was a musical concert promoter around the late 70’s, who had worked with most of the top artists and musical groups in Ghana at that time, and even owns a musical record shop in Nkoranza where he sold and promoted most of the hits songs at the time. And coming from a musical family and also preview to a lot of records, Lyoni Jones musical career started at a very tender age as she will join musical groups at church to sing and perform.

At her very tender age growing up singing and performing in the churches, and to family and love ones, she discovered the musical lion in her which emanated her showbiz name LYONI JONES. At her early age she had also developed deep keen interest for roots Raggae music, and drew a lot of inspirations from Bob Marley and Peter Torsh.Children always have mix feelings of interest, and Lyoni Jones was not left out, as she will sometimes forget about her music career and be focusing on her sporting activities, which she was also very good at, but with the help and motivation from loved ones, she returned to the perusing of her musical career, and started learning indigenous instruments like Xylophone, Talking Drum (Dondo) etc. and can professionally play these instruments.

Lyoni Jones is now a full force to reckon with as she can’t be left out when listing for Ghanaian world music indie artists that are working very hard behind the scenes and are branding themselves worthy of international deals. Ghana has a great future pride in the Lyoni Jones brand as far as her music goes. She’s indeed a great profitable national asset that can rake in constantly running streams of foreign exchange in cultural musical touring.

This is much so, even as her music is built with pure African rhythms and spiritual elements that connect with deep African traditions, culture, lifestyle and royal practices.Lyoni Jones’ dress codes are very decent. She really is a warrior queen with the microphone as a powerful tool of her reign and positive message.

Watch some of her performance on Stage.

Not into vague nudity at all, cultural decency is key to her royal brand. Lyoni Jones is a song writer, composer, singer and a great performer with African heritage presence, she has one album dubbed Lion’s Mood and several singles to her name, which are doing well on the digital platforms and traditional media.With songs like “Rise Africa” (her maiden single) which she performed at the University of Ghana in 2018 during the September 21’s commemoration of Kwame Nkrumah, and other songs like “Everybody’s Mama”, “Beads Talk” and “Dance With Me”, Lyoni Jones gives us a clear proof that contemporary world music can be served in themes that transcend mere love relationship songs.

Watch Lyoni Jones and her Band Crew.

She sings about unity, women empowerment, justice, peace, victory, faith, selfworth, and the virtues that help build good health for the human soul. In 2019 Lyoni Jones formed the LYONI JONES INTERNATIONAL BAND to entice her audience all around the world with the total pack performance experience of the Lyoni Jones brand.

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Lyoni Jones On Stage

Lyoni Jones On Stage


Lyoni Jones

Lyoni Jones On Stage


Lyoni Jones

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